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Oak house church is a vision that seeks to live as a city set on a hill and seeks to make a grand difference in our world by being; 
- a message of truth in a world of darkness
 - a guiding hand to the lost; and
- a call to repentance to the rebellious
To model the message of truth in the world of darkness 1 John 4:17
To create a worship experience that celebrates Christ and to fulfil the great commission with the great commandment.
Our highest priority, and deeply held belief and fundamental driving forces are;
God’s presence; deep reverence for God.  
The knowledge of God’s word
People: No better way to strengthen the heart than to give it life and to reach down and lift people up.
Service: The duty we discharge as Christians unto another in the character of a servant.
Integrity: The will to live up to our promises and maintain our policies.
Excellence: We get the right job done well with precision and dynamism
The bible says ‘my people perish for lack of vision, to us at CGAC, vision is why we are here on the planet earth and you are just part of the great vision God gave our founder some five decades ago. The vision of CGAC has always been “Reaching millions of souls and affecting them positively for Christ”. With this vision in mind, Pastor Emmanuel Oluwatomisin Kinrin had made strategic decisions to further the church growth at this time of information technology. The vision is to reach millions of people using the internet and this website. 

  • The unity of the God head and the Trinity of the person therein

  • The utter depravity of human nature, the necessities for repentance, and the eternal doom of the impenitent.

  • The virgin birth, sinless life, atoning death, truimphant ressurection, ascension and abiding intercession of our Lord Jesus Christ, his second coming and millennial reign on earth.

  • Justification and sanctification of the believers through the finished work of Christ.

  • The baptistm of the Holy Ghost with signs following. The nine gifts of the Holy Ghost for edification, exhortation, and comfort of the church which is the body of Christ.

  • The sacrament of Baptism by immersion, and the Lord’s supper. Divine inspiration and authority of the Holy scriptures.

  • Church government by Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, Elders, Deacons and Deaconesses.

  • The possiblity of falling from grace.

  • The obligatory nature of tithe and offerings.

  • Divine healing through obedience to the command of our Lord Jesus Christ and faith in his name, Merit of his blood for all sickenesses, diseases, and infirmities.